Earth School Podcast


# 41 Mar 11th - 20th

Season 2, Ep. 22

An full conversation around

Sun conjunct Neptune (11th March)

  • Higher Understanding of Ourselves
  • Accessing a Soul Centred Life
  • Weaving Compassion into Confusing Times 
  • An Intuition-led V’s Mind-Led Life

New Moon in Pisces (13th March)

  • Upleveling our frequencies
  • Foreshadowing new growth from a higher level
  • Feeling Based V’s Detailed Driven

Chiron conjunct Ceres in Aries (13th March)

  • Reconciliation of New / Ancient Aspects within Our Current Energetic Household
  • Nurturing without Ulterior Motives
  • What Keeps Us From Authentic Expression
  • Inspiration When It Hits you on the Head

Transition from Pisces to Aries

  • From Receptive Attunement to Inspired Action
  • Making Room for Inspiration to Land
  • Why Your Essence is Needed for Collective Growth
  • Boredom as a Divine Portal

About the Podcast

Welcome to Earth School, a weekly podcast about weaving the healing journey artfully into life, hosted by Bibi Dallmann & Roseleen McNally. 

Bibi Dallmann - Human Design, Astrology & Yoga

Roseleen McNally - Celtic Shamanism & Reiki

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