Earth School Podcast


#38 Feb 18th - 25th

Season 2, Ep. 19

A lively conversation around:

Sun enters Pisces (18th Feb)

  • Being in the Void
  • Moving towards the end of the Spiral
  • Accessing creativity
  • Working with the intangible forces
  • Finding new spaces

Quarter Moon in Gemini (19th Feb)

  • Reflecting on New Moon intention seeded on 22nd May 2020
  • Time for adjustments and recalibrations
  • Holding space for refined communication
  • Connection through communication

Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius (21st Feb)

  • A time of reflection, refinement and reconsideration
  • An invitation to re-evaluate 
  • How we perceive, receive and process information
  • Honest & compassionate communication
  • Revealing soul expression

Sun enters Pisces (25th Feb)

  • Realigning priorities & values with our soul expression
  • Finding a deeper level of worthiness and self-love
  • Invitation to notice the rise of compassion and kindness towards others
  • Allowing differences with respect and empathy

About the Podcast

Welcome to Earth School, a weekly podcast about weaving the healing journey artfully into life, hosted by Bibi Dallmann & Roseleen McNally. 

Bibi Dallmann - Human Design, Astrology & Yoga

Roseleen McNally - Celtic Shamanism & Reiki

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#44 Title: Apr 1st - Apr 7th

Season 2, Ep. 25
A stimulating conversation around2nd Apr - Sun in Aries connecting to the NodesAwareness around our collective soul journeyThe relationship between the NodesIndividual soul growth V Collective soul growthThe smallest things can have biggest impactOld things don’t fit so neatly anymoreTrusting your inner compass more2nd Apr - Mercury in Pisces connecting Pluto in CapricornNoticing the deeper layers revealing themselvesAspects of self / life not fitting anymoreImportance of trust this inner knowingYour state of regulation: Empowered V TriggeredSignposts of which state your body is inShifting from upward regulated to downward regulatedCommunication with self & others from that empowered place4th Apr - Capricorn Quarter MoonFirst pivotal point since Capricorn New Moon Jan 13thWhere the old structures don’t fit the newFrustration around the dissolving of the oldFear around the stepping into the vulnerability of the new4th Apr - Mercury shifting from Pisces into AriesMoving from Water to Fire, From Mutability (Communal / Collective) to Cardinality (Self)Before the shift: Harnessing the capacity to read between the linesA shift from how the communal affects me to how I am affecting the communalAbout the PodcastWelcome to Earth School, a weekly podcast about weaving the healing journey artfully into life, hosted by Bibi Dallmann & Roseleen McNally.Bibi Dallmann - Human Design, Astrology & Yoga McNally - Celtic Shamanism & Reiki