Early Childhood Journeys


Diana Brown and Conscious Discipline

Season 2, Ep. 51

Episode 51 of the podcast with host Marissa Calderón and guest, Diana Brown Certified Instructor from Conscious Discipline. Diana shares a bit of her background as a classroom teacher and how she began to train for Dr. Becky Baileys, Conscious Discipline philosophy. Conscious Discipline is a "Transformational Social-Emotional Learning and Classroom Management" system. Many tips and strategies are also shared that easily supplement any current boxed behavioral management curriculum used by school districts or education programs.

Connect with Diana Brown at: diana@mindfuldiscipline.com

Learn more about Conscious Discipline here.

Connect with host, Marissa and the Early Childhood Journeys podcast at: earlychildhoodjourneys.com

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Uncomfortable Topics with Lark Sontag from Will Start Small

Season 3, Ep. 54
Episode 54 is with advocate and outspoken champion for BIPOC, Lark Sontag from the Will Start Small Collective.Lark's points include a very honest and uncomfortable array of topics regarding the current injustices of COVID, how child care is rooted in oppressive policies and how much of the programming in early childhood is for the benefit of white populations that hold power. Take a deep breath in this hard-hitting episode and be ready to advocate for child care teachers. More about Lark SontagLark is a New York metro early childhood education specialist, curriculum developer,speaker, children’s advocate, and the author of the children’s book “What Every Child Should Know” on Sanctuary Press. She is committed to writing literature that showcases all children, creating an equitable world for neurodiverse children, and centering children in all discussions regarding economic justice.Lark is also the founder of the Will Start Small Collective which works collaboratively with nonprofits, schools, and social justice groups to create curriculum and programming rooted in anti-racism, critical race theory, and culturally relevant pedagogy. She is the publisher of Sweet Potato Pie, A Children's Literary Journal.Lark holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Mount St. Mary’s University and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College.To follow....Will Start SmallTwitterFacebook Connect with host, Marissa and the award-winning Early Childhood Journeys podcast at: earlychildhoodjourneys.comMusic track is called Lemon Tea from GYVUS, provided by Chillhop Music, a platform dedicated to finding and sharing the best chilled hiphop, jazzhop and triphop music and connecting people.Used with permission and creative commons.More by Chillhop:http://chillhop.com/listen