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  • 31. EP 32: How to stop binge eating for good - break free from the restrict and binge cycle and find balance with food and your body

    Today's podcast is a solo episode where I (Emma) get personal and very vulnerable about my own experience with binge eating and how I completely recovered from this and found balance with my eating. I delve into everything from:what binge eating actually isshocking statistics on the eating disorderthe vicious restrict & binge cyclemy own experience with binge eatingI answer YOUR questions on the topicProvide tangible tips and strategies to help you truly break free from binge eatingAnd talk through how you can lose weight in a healthy + sustainable way *if fat loss is your goal*Also, I have been working hard on an ebook "Binge To Balance" which is a 37 page book about binge eating and how to stop for good. It also has lots of Empower "fakeaway" style recipes too which you can download FOR FREE here: I know not everyone can afford online coaching and I would hate for financial reasons to be the barrier between you remaining stuck in this cycle and finding balance and happiness. Please let me know if you download it and if it helps you! <3If you would like to work with me, let me know your goals on my website Emma on instagram: Milly on instagram: to all of you who listen, support, share, rate and review the podcast. WE LOVE YOU <3

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