Dungeons and Dissertations

Whose Memory Is It Anyway?

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  • 1. Total Reroll

    In the first ever episode of Dungeons and Dissertations, the four players hear for the first time the world their HeadMaster has made for them: a convoluted, homebrewed adventure about memory loss and higher education in the (quite literally) Forgotten Realms.edited by Flavorlab

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  • 2. Between an Arracockra and a Hard Place

    After Oswald is accused of the murder of a severely undeveloped character, the rest of the party heads to the tavern on board the ferry in order to recruit a group to rescue him. In the brig Oswald meets a drunken dwarf with an affinity for late 1990's action movies.
  • 3. Does Smoke Have Feelings?

    As the party continues to plan the greatest prison break ever attempted on a ferry, Oswald has ideas of his own.