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The Riddle of the captain and the ship at Lower Loxley

This week’s Dum Tee Dum is from Our Stephen Bowden and the podcast is sponsored by: Aaron Snow

This is Dumteedum, the show about the reality docu-drama that is centered on Ambridge in the heart of the Midlands. 

We hear from: 

Witherspoon who is concerned about Adam and Brian, Jen, Ambridge Pony Club who remembers a dear DumTeeDum friend Owen Kyffin, Aaron from Delaware who is surprised by Shula's absence, David from Carmarthenshire who has found The Archers Clunky this week, Christopher McKiddie who is interested in Helen and Lee’s relationship, Marie Bray who asks what was the point of Jasper Carrott and formerly cycling Christine who has questions. 

We also have a new, and regular feature from our Stephen who can be relied upon to explain the ins and outs of some of our favourite Ambridge institutions!

Plus we have Tweet of the week from Purple Pumpkin, our Theo.  And we have the social media round-up from our Stephen.

Don’t forget if you search for DTD on Youtube, you’ll be able to find hours of videos where I interview The Archers actors.

We hear from: 

Richard in Krakow who questions Freddy’s position in the Lower Loxley Trust, Witherspoon who has managed a mini DTD meet up this week, Jen, Ambridge Pony Club who has worked out how Brian will react to Stella buying a seed drill, Paul in Aulney whose favourite character is Susan, Our Glynn, who rang in before Jenny’s funeral, Claire from Clapham who is asking about the future Post Office and village shop manager, and finally 2 New callerinerers Aaron who calls us from Delaware and David from Carmarthenshire.



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