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Jill and Ruth go to war!

This week’s Dum Tee Dum is from @buggysquires @ambridgeponyclub and @archersfan 2015 our Bernadette Jen and Brian who had a DTD meet-up in Margate

And Dumteedum this week is sponsored by Brian Holding who donated to Dumteedum last week!


On this episode we’ll hear from Witherspoon, Jonah Titchmarsh, Christopher McKiddie, Rachel from Doncaster,  Sarah from Hampshire, David Mullis, formerly cycling Christine, Jenny, first-time callerinerer from North Virginia but sounding like she comes from Cheshire, Pip Robinson from Thornton Heath, Our Jonah man Jazz, and Jen, Ambridge Pony Club!

Plus: Tweet of the week from Purple Pumpkin And we have social media round up from our Sandra

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