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DTD: 420 - Stephen Fry Interview Special - The Archers

Ep. 420

Stephen Fry joins DumTeeDum to discuss all things Ambridge, from his first memories of ‘The Archers’ to his views on current storylines. From what character he’d like to play, to the next potential Lynda Snell production. He also answers calls from Ambridge ‘residents’ with rather interesting results!

This week’s DumTeeDum tune is from Stephen Bowden and we are lucky enough to hear thoughts from Rob, Milly Molly Mandy, Dusty Substances, Big Sister Helen, Witherspoon, Brian, Sarah from Smethwick, Claire from Clapham, Glyn, Richard and Annie.

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Do keep your call to a maximum of two minutes and minimum age for contributors is 18.

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