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Chelsea makes her decision

This week’s DumTeeDum is from Marie Bray

Dumteedum this week is sponsored by Jennifer Wearne

On this episode we’ll hear from Witherspoon, formerly cycling Christine, Richard Lucas, Pip, Vicky Cole, Auntie Jean, Lilli and Rachel from Doncaster

And we had a message from Dan from Stamford which was lost in the ether soz!

Plus: Tweet of the week from Purple Pumpkin And we have social media round-up from our Sandra.

How to Write a Podcast Review on Apple Podcasts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9QbySG2Exk&ab_channel=TheDigitalLearningConsultant

Support Underneath The Archers By Graham Harvey, a powerful memoir by the environmental campaigner & former agricultural story editor of The Archers.


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