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Teacher, What Do You Meme? - DTNS 4530

Season 10, Ep. 4530

We check out the latest announcements from the COMPUTEX trade show in Taipei, Taiwan including Nvidia’s trillion dollar valuation. TechCrunch’s Amanda Silberling highlighted a new edtech startup called Antimatter that’s trying to turn this on its head by turning memes into learning tools. And could AI herald the extinction of the human race? Some AI researchers believe so. But what do we think?

Starring Rich Stroffolino, Chris Ashley, Roger Chang, Joe.

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  • 4811. Unfolding Mammoth Jerky - DTNS 4811

    How did an international team of scientists create a 3D representation of a Woolly Mammoth? Plus the Bird Buddy smart bird feeder gets an AI update. And the reviews are out for Xreal’s “Real Beam Pro” the android device designed to complement the company’s AR glasses.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Dr. Nicole Ackermans, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • 4810. AT&T's Ransomware Dilemma - DTNS 4810

    We get more details on AMD’s Ryzen 5 Ryzen 9000 and AI 300 processors. Plus Google is allegedly looking to acquire security startup Wiz. And did AT&T pay off the attacker responsible for a data breach last Friday to delete customer data and what does that mean for potential future data breaches?Starring Tom Merritt, Shannon Morse, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • 4809. Making the Food Business Smarter - DTNS 4809

    Michael Wolf is here to explain how AI is shaking up the food business. Plus scientists have created a spacesuit that will recycle astronaut urine into drinkable water during spacewalks. And the Amazon shopping assistant chatbot, Rufus, is now available to US customers in the Amazon mobile app.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Michael Wolf, Len Peralta, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • 4808. CNN's Digital Transformation - DTNS 4808

    CNN has revealed its new digital strategy. What does it entail and can it shore up the network’s flagging viewership numbers? Plus Google and Apple launch a tool to transfer images from Google Photos to iCloud. And IDC says Apple’s Vision Pro won’t pass the 500,000 units sold last year. Is Vision Pro running out of steam?Starring Sarah Lane, Robb Dunewood, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • 4807. Unfolding Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked - DTNS 4807

    We breakdown all the announcements made today at Samsung’s July 2024 Galaxy Unpacked Event including the latest Galaxy Fold, Flip, Watch, Ring and AI! Plus we discuss the latest design from Chinese PC maker Linglong. A foldable keyboard that’s also a PC.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Robb Dunewood, Huyen Tue Dao, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • 4806. Etsy Reclassifies Its Goods - DTNS 4806

    Etsy announces four new classifications for items: “made by,” “designed by,” “handpicked by,” and “sourced by.” What’s with the switch and what does it mean for sellers? Plus OpenAI is teaming up with Arianna Huffington to develop an ‘AI health coach’. And Honor sets July 12th as the launch for its Magic V3 foldable while the reviews for Motorola’s Plus Flip phone are out!Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • 4805. Consumer Tech vs Commercial Tech - DTNS 4805

    Chris explains why folks might want to consider commercial or consumer grade technology. Plus Apple green lights Epic Games Store. And the robotization of warehouse operations continues in Japan with help from the UK’s Ocado.Starring Tom Merritt, Chris Ashley, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • 4804. Don't Sweat the Workflow - DTNS 4804

    The Information reports Google wants to increase its own app usage in iOS to lower reliance on Safari for its search traffic. Plus YouTube releases an updated eraser tool for creators to remove copyrighted music without affecting audio in videos. And what does a budding young artist need to do to break into digital illustration?Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Len Peralta, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
  • OpenAI’s Mac Client Stored Chats In Clear Text - DTH

    OpenAI’s Mac client stored chats in clear text, Foxconn will invest nearly $551 million in two new projects in Vietnam, and Nintendo won’t use generative AI in games.Link to Show Notes