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Chat GPT Starts Talking Back - DTNS 4611 Extended

Season 10, Ep. 4611

iFixIt releases its findings from their teardown of the new iPhone 15. Getty Images is partnering with Nvidia for “Generative AI by Getty Images” which is trained exclusively on Getty’s library of licensed photos. OpenAI launched a new version of ChatGPT that you can prompt by speaking and integrates image search into prompts.

Chat GPT Starts Talking Back - DTNS 4611 Extended

Do you leave voicemails? How do you get in hold of people in a hurry? Do you change your ways, when it's a professional conversation? How long is too long, when leaving a voicemail? How often do you get ghosted? Is just the “k” disrespectful? Do you want the double check mark? The group has so many different ways that they communicate. Does it bother you when someone asks if you got their text? How much do you move around while on a video call? How often do you talk on your speaker phone? Do you screen calls?

Starring Tom Merritt, Chris Ashley, Roger Chang, Joe.

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