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Grammarly adds AI, Bing tops 100 Million. - DTH

GrammarlyGo can write in your own personal writing style, Roku launches its new OS and branded TVs and Bing now has 10% of the search audience Google has.

  • Grammarly adds a text generator called GrammarlyGO, which can rewrite content, generate outlines, and more, coming to all users in beta in April. Other companies, including Salesforce, ThoughtSpot, and Forethought, have also embedded text generators.
  • Microsoft's Bing has more than 100 million daily active users, with a third of people using the Bing chatbot at least once a day with an average of three chats per day.
  • Spotify announces a redesign of its app's homescreen, with more personalization, integration with Anchor and Patreon, and a focus on discovering new content beyond music, like podcasts, audiobooks, and live audio.
  • Roku announces more details about Roku OS 12, including the ability to select local news providers, games from interested teams, and more efficient continue watching features. The FBI is investigating a breach of DC health link servers.
  • The Netherlands will increase restrictions on the export of chip technology to China, with ASML needing a license to export its equipment to Chinese companies under these new rules.
  • Wing, Alphabet's drone-delivery company, announces the Wing Delivery Network, where drones can delegate tasks to its fleet and move on to the next pickup if it has enough charge, much like a ride-hailing system.
  • Apple Music is launching a standalone app for classical music fans, with more than 5 million tracks, curated playlists, and more.
  • Raspberry Pi offers a 1.6-megapixel Global Shutter Camera module for $50.

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