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Apple Reportedly Working On LLM-Powered Robotic Devices - DTH

Twitch raises Premium prices in the US, Netflix is ditching support for older Apple TVs, Apple's Screen Time has a new issue for parents. 

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  • Apple Nor OpenAI Are Paying The Other For ChatGPT Integration - DTH

    Apple nor OpenAI are paying the other for ChatGPT integration in Apple’s ecosystem, Chrome OS will be built with more Android integration to allow for faster AI rollout, and a new law in Japan prohibits Apple and Google from preventing the sale of competitive apps and services in Android and iOS.Link to Show Notes
  • X Announces Likes Will Go Private on Its Platform - DTH

    YouTube tests a new thumbnail feature for creators, Waymo announces voluntary software recall, Elon Musk withdraws lawsuit against OpenAI + founders. Show Notes
  • Elon Musk Vows To Ban Apple Devices At His Companies - DTH

    Elon Musk vows to ban Apple devices if they integrate OpenAI at the operating system level, more Microsoft-exclusive games are going cross-platform, and Indai’s proposed Digital Competitions Bill could pose regulatory challenges for big tech companies.Link to Show Notes
  • Xbox Unveils the White Xbox Series X - DTH

    Shein sales impress ahead of expected US IPO, Snowflake starts alerting customers who may have had stolen data, Nokia announces "immersive audio and video" for smartphones. Show Notes
  • Apple Now Classifies Hairline Screen Cracks As “Accidental Damage” - DTH

    Apple now classifies hairline screen cracks in iPhone and Apple Watch screens as “accidental damage”, Apple may unveil a dedicated password manager app at WWDC, and ByteDance plans to invest $2.13 billion to set up an artificial intelligence hub in Malaysia.Link to Show Notes
  • Microsoft Reopens Windows 10 Beta Testing For New Features - DTH

    Microsoft has reopened Windows 10 beta testing for new features and improvements, Canada has levied a 5% fee on all streaming services that generate more than $25 million annually, and Nvidia is now the second most valuable public company by market cap.Link to Show Notes
  • Microsoft Is Laying Off 1500 From Its Azure Cloud Unit - DTH

    Microsoft is laying off as many as 1500 employees from its Azure Cloud unit, Elon Musk may have exaggerated representation of Tesla’s procurement of processors from Nvidia, and Intel has officially unveiled its Lunar Lake Copliot+ AI PC chip.Link to Show Notes
  • AMD Announces Zen 5 Architecture-Based Ryzen 9000-Series Desktop CPUs - DTH

    X formally lets users post adult and graphic content on the platform, Spotify hikes prices in the US, retail chain Zara is expanding live shopping broadcasts after success in China. Show Notes