Drunk Women Solving Crime


189 Gina Lyons' Bludgeoning Actually

Season 1, Ep. 189

This week on Drunk Women Solving Crime, the gang are joined by comedy producer and enthusiastic detective, Gina Lyons!

Gina gets the ball rolling with a crime, which is a cautionary tale for anyone who decides to buy a hotel, whilst drunk on honeymoon - something which many people will have had experience with, we're sure.

The team then get involved with solving a crime which starts with a bludgeoning and soon gives way to a whole new direction for Richard Curtis... Richard, if you're listening (which he surely is), you're welcome!

We then hear from a listener who has a crime that inspires a whole thread of nostalgia for our detectives, which probably didn't help to solve the case, but definitely didn't make things worse.

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