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How to reach your fans

Season 1, Ep. 1
This is the first episode in podcast series where Abbie McCarthy will chat with emerging talent & industry professionals about big topics in the UK music scene right now. Due to the unusual circumstances we all have to deal with at the moment, this episode is devoted to: How to reach your fans – this is “Music & musicians from their homes with L Devine, Jafaris and The Lutras”.We can definitely say that the UK music industry has been shaken up in the last few weeks - venues have been closed down and festivals have either been postponed, or cancelled. While lots of the gigs you have been looking forward to might not be on now, there has also been a spike in creativity and inventiveness to make it possible to still in the times of quarantine, bring live performances to people's homes. In this episode Abbie McCarthy will chat to our 3 guests about their experiences and they will share their advice on how to stay visible and creative as an artist, and how to make the best out of this whole situation. And of course you will enjoy a live performance from one of our guests!Tune in to Driven by Music, a podcast fuelled by Firestone! Don’t forget to enjoy more music and to check out social media channels of our guests:L Devine’s podcast: L Devine’s new single: social media: music: Lutras music: Lutras social media: