cover art for One Shot: Hogwarts Adventures RPG (Part 2)

Dragon Friends

One Shot: Hogwarts Adventures RPG (Part 2)

Season 4

The adventures of Melodie, Millicent, Tabitha and Duran-Duran continue in our last pre-Season 5 One Shot continues, powered by Hogwarts Adventures, a one-page RPG by Litza and Thor (get it here: This episode features cello accompaniment by Ange Lavoipierre as well as special guest Will Erimya and Emma Balfour. EXTREMELY CANONICAL

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  • 10. #9.10. This is Your Replacement

    A Very Merry Yulemas to one and all.
  • 9. #9.09. Functional Pants

    With the team fleeing the site of a Funeral Gone Wrong, can the Dragon Friends recover enough ground to save their skins as the clock ticks down towards Yuletime and their deaths.
  • 8. #9.08. Ita, Et

    Remember when this exact thing happened to the Critical Role guys and they were powerful and competent enough to resolve it in an elegant epilogue?Yeah, I don't think we're going to be that lucky.
  • 7. #9.07. That's What we Call a Placeholder

    When Dave's away, the cats will spend most of an episode struggling to get to the plot despite being forcibly placed back on track at the start.
  • 6. #9.06. French Loyalty

    The Dragon Friends have made it into the Fae Beaucracy that will allow them to contact Bushu. If they can refrain from killing for a few moments, they may be able to file the right paperwork they need to efortlessy achieve their goal.
  • 5. #9.05. Dank Boom

    All they had to do was search the house.
  • 4. #9.04. A Single D&D Joke

    The Dragon Friends have found their charge, the now royal Lion Kit Gingerson. Will the old wounds of betrayal run deep enough to prevent Kit from hearing out his once friends and now inferiors, or will the Dragon Friends be able to show enough tact to break through.
  • 3. #9.03. Mission Discipline

    The Dragon Friends have been given a glimpse into the path ahead, Three former companions adrift across the Nine Known Worlds and perhaps beyond that need to be brought home. But first, they need to get out of the room they find themselves in.
  • 2. #9.02. (Warlock)

    Bethanee Smiles has returned. An ancient contract binding her to kill The Dragon Friends. At her mercy, our heroes have to make a pleas for their lives and propose an alternative. Can they convince her of the viability of an impossible task before she completes the contract herself.