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Dragon Friends

OKC #1.06 Computer Pass Agg

Season 1.1, Ep. 6

The Troubleshooters find themselves at the door to a mutant stronghold with no way inside. Can their better instincts previal to get them safely and surruptitiously inside, or will their conflicting motives and general lack of competence be their downfall

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  • 4. #9.04. A Single D&D Joke

    The Dragon Friends have found their charge, the now royal Lion Kit Gingerson. Will the old wounds of betrayal run deep enough to prevent Kit from hearing out his once friends and now inferiors, or will the Dragon Friends be able to show enough tact to break through.
  • 3. #9.03. Mission Discipline

    The Dragon Friends have been given a glimpse into the path ahead, Three former companions adrift across the Nine Known Worlds and perhaps beyond that need to be brought home. But first, they need to get out of the room they find themselves in.
  • 2. #9.02. (Warlock)

    Bethanee Smiles has returned. An ancient contract binding her to kill The Dragon Friends. At her mercy, our heroes have to make a pleas for their lives and propose an alternative. Can they convince her of the viability of an impossible task before she completes the contract herself.
  • 1. #9.01. Narratively Unimportant

    After so many years and so many adventures, The Dragon Friends can finally find peace. But can their hard won respite last, or will adventure come knocking for them instead.
  • 8. OKC #1.08 Hip Clones and Gnarly Dudes

    Buildings are Destroyed, Clones are spent and the Troubleshooters stand divided. The system of Alpha Complex is after them, and they have some tough decisions to make before they're hunted down.
  • 7. OKC #1.07 Cheeseburger Leads

    Violence has broken out between the troubleshooters, but a temporary peace hangs in the air. Will the team galvanise towards a common goal now that they finally understand more about eachother's true selves, or will the tension boil over once more.
  • 5. OKC #1.05. Everything Happened Normal Style

    The troubleshooter's most dangerous mission lies ahead of them, and so they'll need equipment just as dangerous. Equipped with weapons that are as powerful as disguises as they are weapons, the troubleshooters are dropped right behind insurgent lines.Editor's Note:Tom's mic was lost for this session, meaning his audio needed to be recovered from other microphones. Normal audio will return next episode.
  • 4. OKC #1.04. Incidentally Insane

    With one mission successfully under their belt, our Troubleshooters are rapidly ascended from simple cleaning duties to matters of utmost security to Alpha Complex itself. If they can survive the trip to the quartermaster, that is.