cover art for OKC #1.05. Everything Happened Normal Style

Dragon Friends

OKC #1.05. Everything Happened Normal Style

Season 1.1, Ep. 5

The troubleshooter's most dangerous mission lies ahead of them, and so they'll need equipment just as dangerous. Equipped with weapons that are as powerful as disguises as they are weapons, the troubleshooters are dropped right behind insurgent lines.

Editor's Note:

Tom's mic was lost for this session, meaning his audio needed to be recovered from other microphones. Normal audio will return next episode.

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    Having secured their transport, The Heroes of Yearth finally make it to their destination, one that is very familiar to one of their party. But when an ancient rite threatens the safety of their party, our heroes are thrust into bloody combat to protect the honour of their minotaur friend.
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    A Very Merry Yulemas to one and all.