Dragon Friends


#8.16. Ticking and Tocking

Season 8, Ep. 16

The Dragon Friends travel forward through time towards their final destination, hoping that their wayward friend lost in time will be waiting for them when they wake. What they find, however, is much worse.

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  • 6. OKC #1.06 Computer Pass Agg

    The Troubleshooters find themselves at the door to a mutant stronghold with no way inside. Can their better instincts previal to get them safely and surruptitiously inside, or will their conflicting motives and general lack of competence be their downfall
  • 5. OKC #1.05. Everything Happened Normal Style

    The troubleshooter's most dangerous mission lies ahead of them, and so they'll need equipment just as dangerous. Equipped with weapons that are as powerful as disguises as they are weapons, the troubleshooters are dropped right behind insurgent lines.Editor's Note:Tom's mic was lost for this session, meaning his audio needed to be recovered from other microphones. Normal audio will return next episode.
  • 4. OKC #1.04. Incidentally Insane

    With one mission successfully under their belt, our Troubleshooters are rapidly ascended from simple cleaning duties to matters of utmost security to Alpha Complex itself. If they can survive the trip to the quartermaster, that is
  • 3. OKC #1.03. Amigo Computado

    Our Troubleshooters have finally found their way to their first mission, but forces already seem to be moving against them. Will these external actors tear the team apart, or will they get to eachother first.
  • 2. OKC #1.02. Don't Write it Down

  • 1. OKC #1.01. Here Comes Some Information

    A New Set of Heroes. A New Story. A New System, 48 Hours. It's December 2022, and The Dragon Friends have two recording days to complete an entire 6 months of Podcast Episodes. OK Computer is the result of that descent into madness. OK Computer will run as a Standalone Series in the standard Dragon Friends timeslot for the first half of this year, to be followed by S9 of Dragon Friends later in the year. We hope you enjoy!The Dragon Friends also have two upcoming shows, find more info and buy tickets at Watch the Dragon Friends live - The Dragon Friends
  • OK Computer Trailer

    In just 1 week, three new Heroes will be Decanted.Based on the Tabletop RPG Paranoia and recorded over 2 maddening days, OK Computer is a Dragon Friends story of high stakes, betrayal and lying to yourself and others.
  • 20. #8.20. Our Life Continues Together

    Six Dragon Friends. Two Companions. Two Timelines. One Dragon.The Dragon Friends are home, but it's a home that's both all too familiar and forever changed. Their intervention in their past lives has already caused them to fail their first mission, and now they have to deal with the consequences of that failure, assuming they can trust the most dangerous enemy they've come across so far: Themselves.
  • 19. #8.19. Me Basing this on Context

    The Dragon Friends are at the end of the line. Minutes remain before they perish to the crossing between worlds, and a formidable foe stands between them and home If they have a dastardly scheme, they had better employ it quickly.