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Don't panic! Dragoncast is still alive and well - we've just put a temporary sign up on the front door as for the next 10 weeks we will be focusing heavily on the Sky Exclusive Succession.

The Webby 2023 honoured Dragoncast is the chart-topping podcast series dedicated to the Game of Thrones prequel - House of the Dragon - as well as other amazing television shows.. 

Hosted by Thronecast's Jamie East alongside journalist and Game of Thrones Ninja Chris Mandle - Dragoncast is a weekly breakdown of each episode along with passionate discussion around theories, plots, deaths and dragons. 

While House of the Dragon is between seasons, we will be rewatching Game of Thrones and other great series such as Succession & The OA.

We'll be talking fan theories with a host of extra special guests - and each episode will go live right after Sky's premiere on Monday nights. 

We know you love all things Thrones as much as we do, and as well as being here to analyse everything that happens - we’d also love to hear what you think - email us or follow us on twitter @dragoncast_pod

Subscribe right now - and don't miss this - it's gong to be fiery! 

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