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Why All Leaders Must Build Their Own Tribe

As a leader who listens to this show you’ve likely often heard us speak about how leaders today cannot sit on their laurels. The world of business, leadership and particularly being an entrepreneur can be highly competitive particularly if you have not found a way to truly stand out. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Our guest on this episode is Wendy Keller, aside from her very impressive resume she an absolute powerhouse and a wonderful human being.

Wendy Keller is the “Chief Talent Launcher” at Keller Media, Inc. in Los Angeles. Keller Media represents authors to top publishers, they book speakers into paid engagements, and help emerging authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and small business people to plan, build and establish a growing “platform”.  

A “platform” is a large, growing group of fans who like and trust you, your company or your message and want whatever you’ve got to say or sell. 

Keller Media has placed more than 1,500 deals worldwide, including 17 New York Times bestsellers and 9 international best sellers. 

Wendy started her first business at age 15 and got her first paid newspaper job as a 16-year-old college freshman.  

A former award- winning journalist, she also worked for PR Newswire, the Knight-Ridder newspaper chain and became the associate publisher of Los Angeles’ then-second-largest weekly Spanish newspaper. 

She founded Keller Media in 1989.

Wendy Keller is the author of 31 of her own properly published books under 9 pseudonyms and a handful of self-published books. She’s been featured on lots of media from Dr. Phil to Dateline, Wall Street Journal to Parenting magazine, Chicago Tribune to New York Post, and hundreds of other interviews on radio, print, podcasts and television. In fact THE WORLD CONTAINS MORE THAN 4.6 MILLION COPIES OF KELLER MEDIA BOOKS

Her most recent book is “The Ultimate Guide to Platform Building”, from Entrepreneur Press.

Wendy is passionate about platform building! 

She speaks, teaches and trains and consults anyone who will stand still on how to exponentially grow their presence in their marketplace using customized, powerful platform building strategies.  

Please go to www.KellerMedia.com to discover how Keller Media may be able to help you.

For the platform building book: www.KellerMedia.com/Platform-Book 

For training: www.KellerMedia.com/Webinars

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