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Why a Highly Effective COO is VITAL to Your Success

When the rubber hit the road all the theories in the world won’t matter if you don’t know how to execute. What most folks don’t realize is that often times the person making that happen is not the CEO but in fact the COO! 

What 1-800 GoJunk, Joe Polish’s Genius Network and Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof brand all have in common and how you can tap into it?

Well stay tuned because our guest today

Cameron Herold… The CEO whisperers His commitment is to simplifying business problems and guide business leaders to previously unimagined success.

That's what he has done for hundreds of organizations--including a Big 4 wireless carrier and a monarchy.

Cameron Herold is a highly renowned international coach, speaker and author who brings passion, clarity and "in the trenches experience" to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

He has gained his experience through building $100 Million companies, including 1-800 GoJunk, with practical advice he gets businesses and business leaders growing immediately and rapidly, companies like Joe Polish’s Genius Network and Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof brand are among them.

Cameron has been featured on CNN Money, Inc, Fast Company, Business Insider, and even Time Magazine. It was Forbes who dubbed him The CEO Whisperer.

An author of 3 books: “Double Double”, “Miracle Morning” and “Meetings Suck”, Cameron cuts through the business-speak, slays unproductive processes and guides business on the shortest, simplest path to exponential success.

For more information on Cameron Herold or the COO Sumit: http://www.cameronherold.com

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