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The How and Why Business is Becoming a Force for Good

Doing “good” while doing “well” is it a fantasy or is it actually possible?

Depending on which generation you are from, and what kind of leadership you grew up around you might see social responsibility as something that is the next evolution of business, or you might see it as some hippy nonsense that is little more than a trend that will fade away pretty fast. Well today we’ll dig in and find out

Our guest on this episode is:

Mike Rowlands he’s an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant and advisor who works at the intersection of business, community and sustainability.

He supports visionary entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations around the world, helping to craft distinctive strategies, disrupt markets, and accelerate success.

Mike is the President & CEO at Junxion Strategy, an international consultancy that’s nurturing organizations at the forefront of a new economy that serves the common good.

From offices in Vancouver and London Junxion works with clients on four continents, including multinational corporations, disruptive social enterprises, non-profits, NGOs, and philanthropies.

Learn more about Mike Rowland's and his company at: http://junxion.com

Learn more about hiring the host; Dov Baron here: http://FullMontyLeadership.com

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