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The Art & Science of Cross Cultural Communications

Business is not only global it's also cross cultural.

However, when cultures cross do they crush or do they create a synergy?

Well if you want to survive in a cross cultural, global economy you better get your cultural ducks in a row.

Heidi Lorenzen is the CMO for the Bay Area tech company CloudWords. In this show which was filmed at the C-Suite Network Event in Marina Del Ray, California, Heidi shares her own story, her travels and studies that lead her to become not only the Chief Marketing Officer for CloudWords Inc, but also a leading expert in understanding the need to be a chief Moderating officer in a social media world. Heidi is a fascinating empowered business person with some brilliant insights for all of us... no matter the size of our business. You can find out more about her and her organization at http://www.cloudwords.com

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