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Second-Wave Millennials [audio] With Warren Wright

On this episode we examine generations and our biases across: Boomers, GenX’ers, Millennial’s and a group you may be unfamiliar with who are changing everything… they are “Second-Wave Millennials”. 

Stay tuned…you are about to be riveted! 

Generational challenges abound in parenting, in teaching, in managing and in leadership. All to often, in working with Boomer and GenX leaders, I hear them talk about Millennials in less than complimentary terms. Saying things like: They have no work ethic. They’re not loyal, they’re entitled. They’re spoilt brats who want to be entertained and have no respect for those who’ve paid their dues. 

So how can we as leaders find a way to put aside our generational biases, to get the best out of ourselves and tap into the potential of younger generations? 

Well, stay tuned because our guest is Warren Wright. He’s a leading authority on generations and author of “Second-Wave Millennials”: Tapping the Potential of America’s Youth. He is Founder and CEO of Second Wave Learning whose mission is to prepare the next generation of leaders for tomorrow's challenges. 

Warren Wright is a guy who possibly has the most impressive resume I’ve ever come across. 

Warren started in radio and television advertising sales, and then in 1997, co-founded Jobfinder.com, which was sold in 2000. He then went on to become Managing Partner at Gallup, where his division provided polling results on Iraqi citizens for the U.S. Army during the Iraq war. It was at Gallup that he conferenced with world leaders such as Tony Blair, Shimon Peres, and Mohammad Khatami as part of a global effort to reconcile religious and political differences to promote world peace through the Co-Exist Foundation, a UK Charity founded by Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel with inspiration from his good friend Bono.

On this episode we dive into:

Second-Wave Millennials...Who are they and why should you care?

Global data points and how most of what we think we know or expect is dead wrong!

How we are in a very predictable crisis period, that gave raise to strong man politics

How most of what we need to learn is held by those we ignore the most

Why Second Wave Millennials were so supportive of an old guy...Bernie Sanders

What's the difference between first and second wave Millennials

How Second Wave Millennials are more conventional than the previous two generations.

Why they are more serious and use far less drugs, and have far sex than previous generations.

Who are the fading pragmatists

Why Second Wave Millennials have a completely different time horizon than previous youth

How Millennials deal with "Facts" Vs "Opinions"

We look at whether there will be a backlash to the Trump era...will there be a "Blue Wave"?

and so much more...

In 2011, Warren began a partnership with author and economist Neil Howe, who coined the term “Millennials”. Wright worked with Howe to build two companies—LifeCourse Associates, and Saeculum Research, both using the knowledge of generational theory for research and consulting. 

Warren is an accomplished public speaker, keynoting frequently at conferences and corporate events about the impact of generations in the workplace and society at large.

To find out more about Warren Wright: http://secondwavelearning.com

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