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Roger Connors: Get a Coach, Be a Coach

Roger Connors: Get a Coach, Be a Coach

Flipping The Coaching Model on it's Head: Roger Connors

Our guest on this episode is Roger Connors. He’s a NEW YORK TIMES & WALL STREET JOURNAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR. He is ranked by the Top 30 Global Gurus as one of the world's Top 10 Organizational Culture Professionals in 2018.

He’s recognized as a thought leader on the topic of organizational and individual performance, bringing over 30 years of extensive expertise in assisting senior management teams all over the world. As a pioneer in the performance improvement space, Roger has developed #1 award-winning content and has published and interviewed extensively. Find out more about Roger Connors Co-Founder – Zero to Ten https://www.zerototen.com

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