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Dr Richard Shuster:

From Technology to Psychology and back again

The Nuero-science of kindness







What will it take to get you off the hamster wheel of "more" and moving toward creating a real legacy?

The demands on leaders today have not gone down, they’ve gone up in every possible way. So many of us feel like we can’t stop running because everyone else might catch up… and if they do, then what?

There again, what if you suddenly hit a hard stop… What would you be remembered for….Would you be able to cope? 

Well let’s find out together… 

Our guest on this episode is Dr Richard Shuster.

Dr. Richard Shuster is a clinical psychologist, keynote speaker, CEO of a MARS Industries, and the host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge from the experts, Tools to Win at Life which is regularly downloaded in over 100 countries. I was recently honoured to be a guest. 

His mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves, and as a result, make the world a better place. 

A sought after media expert, Dr. Shuster’s expertise and podcast have been featured in such publications as The Huffington Post, NBCNews.com, Glassdoor.com, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and others.

Please help me welcome, The Man who really is from MARS, Dr Richard Shuster.

On this episode we go FullMonty about:

When you are on the wrong path and it looks so right. What happened when the trifecta effect of the Department of Defence, eBay and Tony Stark come together. When we face our slow-motion moment. Discovering what’s really important and how tragedy can transform your life. The Questions brought on by a Near Death Experience. What will get you off the hamster wheel and how life can take us in a circle.

The most effective tools you can plug into to make you more successful. How what he didn’t want became what he wanted most, and how when he got it, it was almost taken from him. The Nuero-science of kindness, The importance of an emotional catalyst. And How Bob Burg inadvertently inspired him to start a non-profit.

To find out more about Dr Richard Shuster: www.drrichardshuster.com or www.thedailyhelping.com www.seekyourpowers.com or www.everykidrocks.org

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