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Ramia El-Agamy Khan: Family Business Leadership

Ramia El-Agamy Khan: Family Business Leadership

What are the Myths about Family Business and how does leadership and business need to be different if we’re dealing with family?

As we look around at some of the big player we see very bad example of Nepotism, but can Nepotism actually be a good thing?

Our guest on this episode is Ramia Marielle El-Agamy Khan, She is the CEO of Orbis Terra Media, 

Editor-in-Chief of Tharawat Magazine, Host of the Family Business Voice podcast. more on Ramia El-Agamy Khan: https://www.tharawat-magazine.com Family Business Voice Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/ae/podcast/the-family-business-voice/id1459792881 and https://womeninfamilybusiness.org/

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