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Phillip Stutts: Political Strategies that Help Businesses Win

Have you ever considered that Political Strategies used to elect congressmen/ women- even presidents could be deployed to help your Businesses Win ... and win big?

We live in a time where we flip on the 24 hour news cycle seems to be little more than media circus. The Left calls out the Right, the Right calls out the Left. There’s a new scandal every 15 minutes and before the week is over, we’ve already forgotten half the stuff that happened. Is this chaos or is it organized to look like chaos?

Furthermore, you may not like many of the players but, if you had the skills and tools, would you apply a good deal of what keeps the top players where they are?


Well let’s find out together on this fascinating episode.

Our guest is Phillip Stutts. Phillip comes from the cutthroat world of political marketing. Among his victories, he has over two decades of experience working on campaigns with billions of dollars in political ad spend, and contributed to over 1,200 election victories, including hundreds of U.S. House campaigns, dozens of U.S. Senate campaigns, and even 3 U.S. Presidential victories.

Phillip has played the game of political marketing on the highest level, battling it out with fierce competition, multi-billion-dollar budgets, and a win or die mentality.

He’s been featured on everything from CNN and Fox, to the Gary V show.

He’s one of the masterminds behind the curtain of political marketing.

Now, he is making his expertise available to all those in a leadership position. He is the author of “Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell...And the Truth about Political Strategies that Help Businesses Win.” 

On this episode we go FullMonty on:

·     The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell

·     The New Normal of Politics and Leadership

·     The coming (unseen) economic disruption

·     2nd and 3rd order consequences facing; Organ Donors, construction, Insurance etc.

·     The #1 Marketing tool available to all of us

·     7 years with a rare, incurable disease

·     His 1 man medical experiment

·     Why smart business knows when to say: No more Business Development

·     How to know how to talk to what matters

·     The power of using negative emotions

·     Why Data, Social and Branding together are THE cutting edge

·     Why FB and Google are NOT what they appear and the advantage to you

·     How to eliminate all risk from marketing

To find out more: http://PhillipStutts.com or https://www.winbigmedia.com

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