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Naphtali Hoff: Becoming a New Boss

What happens when you suddenly find yourself Becoming a New Boss? 

For that matter what happens when you are a long term leader and you get promoted into a position that feels way beyond your comfort zone…How can you attain and maintain success? 

As a leader you know that stepping into that next role as a leader can be overwhelming… and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been a CEO before and this is a new gig, or if this is your first time up to bat in a leadership position. 

So what is it that all of us who step into Becoming the New Boss need to know in order to not only achieve success but sustain it?

Well let’s find out together… 

Our guest on this episode is Naphtali Hoff 

Naphtali Hoff, is President of Impactful Coaching & Consulting. He is an accomplished executive coach, organizational consultant, and sought after trainer and lecturer. This guy holds two master’s degrees in education and educational leadership, and completed his doctorate in human and organizational psychology. Naphtali’s practical approach is action-oriented.  His personal experience in the leadership field allows him to understand leaders needs, and craft solutions to help them optimize their performance and success. 

Naphtali is the author of Becoming the New Boss, a leadership book that seeks to help new leaders hit the ground running and enjoy lasting success.

On this episode we go FullMonty on:

  • How to your authenticity, identity and even faith to bring your best leadership self forward
  • The transformational power of forgiveness
  • Pain as a catalyst for transformation
  • Releasing Identity to become a better leader
  • Recognizing the value you can bring outside outside of your industry
  • The 4 I's of leadership
  • Incremental scaling your business
  • Leading those who used to be your peers
  • Does criticism means you matter?
  • How to tighten your learning curve
  • Getting more done with less

And so much more...

To find out more about Naphtali Hoff: https://www.impactfulcoaching.com/

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