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Robbie Kellman Baxter: The Membership Economy [audio]

The changing face of business is getting our customers and our teams to buy into more than a single, or for that matter, a repeat purchase.

Business, leadership, and most importantly, the way the economy moves, have all changed. 

We’ve all heard of the share economy, brought into popularity with shared cars. But do you realize there's a new emerging economy that business leaders and entrepreneurship are moving into called the Membership Economy?

Well stay tuned because you are about to find out; our guest on this episode is Robbie Kellman. 

Robbie Kellman Baxter coined the term “Membership Economy”. She has been advising entrepreneurs on business strategy for 20 years and has worked with nearly 100 organizations in over 20 industries on growth initiatives.

She’s a sought-after writer and keynote speaker, who has presented at top universities, associations and corporations, as well as corporate boards and leadership teams around the world. 

Robbie's latest book, 'The Membership Economy, Find Your Super-users, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue', has been named a top 5 Marketing Book of the Year by Inc.com. Prior to launching Peninsula Strategies, Robbie was a strategy consultant at Booz-Allen, a New York City Urban Fellow and a Silicon Valley product marketer. 

Robbie is the leading subject matter expert on membership and subscription models. She has advised companies including Netflix, the Wall Street Journal and Electronic Arts.

On this episode we discuss:

  • What is the membership Economy and why does it matter to leaders
  • Why Membership and Purpose fit so beautifully together
  • How to build a forever transaction with the people you serve
  • The difference between subscription and membership
  • Why does the The Membership Economy matter to the leaders of today

Find out more about Robbie Kellman Baxter: www.membershipecconomy.com 

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