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Marisa Peer: I Am Enough

Why is it that even the most successful among us often feel like we're are not enough?

Research shows that Imposter Syndrome affects an estimated 70+% of all high level leaders. 

But what if you and I could massively increase our self-worth, so that we sincerely believe in ourselves. Could we become permanently free from self-sabotage and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors? 

What if you knew how to live a happy, motivated and confident life, not just sometimes but all the time? 

Well let’s find out together…

Our guest on this episode is Marisa Peer

Marisa has spent nearly three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Olympic athletes, and Royalty. She has an unparalleled career speaking internationally and working with private clients. Marisa has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues. She is a best-selling author of five books and she teaches “simple steps that produce dramatic and life-changing results”. 

As a speaker, she seamlessly brings her one-of-a-kind therapy techniques to the room, leaving her audiences both transfixed and transformed. 

Her acclaimed “I Am Enough”program focuses on the thought patterns and mental habits that can be detrimental or beneficial to our success, depending on how we use them.

Marisa has been named “Britain’s Best Therapist” and also won The Stevie awards “Woman of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Lifetime Achievement Award”, Creator and Founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy and the I Am Enough movement. and author of the brand new book: “I Am Enough” Mark Your Mirror And Change Your Life".

On This episode we go FullMonty on:

  • The 3 Words That Can Change Your Life
  • What's wrong with traditional long term therapy for leaders
  • Lessons from Africa
  • Why being "humble" is a huge mistake!
  • The messages we got in childhood that are still playing out in highly successful adults
  • How to be a natural leader
  • How to excel in every area of your life
  • Why you need to Lie, Cheat and Steal (It's NOT what you think)

and so much more...

To find out more about Marisa Peer: http://MarisaPeer.com or https://rapidtransformationaltherapy.com/ and https://new.iamenough.com/

To find out more about hiring Dov Baron as an advisor or strategist for yourself or your organization: http://DovBaron.com

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