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Leading Systemic Change...Even when there's resistance

There are diametrically opposed forces in leadership today: The old school of command and control, that's not going to let go of the reigns without a serious fight, and the NEXT-Gen Leaders who see leadership as something more meaningful than just profits.

The question is how can we lead systemic change that embraces deeper purpose, create meaningful work for our employees and stay healthy economically?  

Well stay tuned because we are about to find out! 

Our guest on this episode is John Berghoff

Jon Berghoff Has been referred to by CEO's as :The Collective Intelligence Whisperer"... John leads some of the most complex large group collaborations in the world. From bringing together 700 citizens of the City of Cleveland to design a sustainable future for their city, to the Global Forum for Business as 

He’s considered as an Agent of World Benefit, Co-Founder of Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI), Jon and his team are now on a mission to train/certify others in FLI's approach to bringing out the best in human systems.

On this episode we'll take a dive inside why we need Social Technologies to become a priority

Why Management Innovation has lagged dramatically behind every other type of innovation. And why we are still stuck in the dark ages of management.

Find out more about John Berghoff: http://www.lead2flourish.com 

To find out more about hiring the host Dov Baron  http://fullmontyleadership.com/consulting or http://fullmontyleadership.com/speaking 

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