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Jon Hansen: Ghost Writing for Leaders

Jon Hansen: Ghost Writer for Leaders

Why famous and none famous people hire a ghost writer.

Why don't have to be a writer to share your message!

As leaders we all need to consider:

How are you going to share your message? What is your life’s message? What is the philosophy? What is the guidance you want to leave to the world as a legacy? None of us like to confront our mortality but we do need to confront our legacy and whether we are leaving the kind we want.

Along your journey, there’s no doubt been times where you have amazed yourself in the way you did something, took command or directed something. It was likely one of those moments where you or someone who was there said something like: There’s a message inside of you! But how do you get it out?

Well, what if you had someone who had the ability to go in and pull out that message and all the supporting stories and anecdotes from you? Someone who could give your message and stories the form and cohesion that would allow you to kick it through to become your super bowl goal? 

That's exactly what our guest does!

He's the most famous guy you've never heard of. Jon Hansen is a two-time Ottawa finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Jon is one of the top ghostwriters in Canada writing for top executives, politicians, athletes, and celebrities globally. 

He’s penned countless, books, articles, blog posts, papers and speeches on a diverse range of topics. As a writer under his own name, Jon is a regular contributor to magazines around the world and is known as a contributing author to the Go Daddy blog.

On this episode we go FullMonty on: Why many famous and none famous people hire a ghost writer? I ask if "ghost writing" is cheating? We look at the most common misunderstanding about what ghost writers do. If everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame, why would a ghost writer give theirs away? I'll ask him how he feels about the ghost writer for Donald Trump revealing that Donald never wrote a word. We'll talk about writing as a job, what it means, and what it takes? How to know if you should hire a ghost writer? I'll even get him to tell us what it costs to hire one.

To find out more about Jon Hansen: http://ghostwriterauthor.com

Twitter: @piblogger1

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