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Doing The Impossible: For Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Being a leader requires vision and often times giant conjoins. But with giant conjoins comes maximum risk and maximum reward. But how can you know when the risk is worth the reward?

Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Steve Sims

Steve Sims, the founder of the #1 luxury concierge service in the world today called Bluefish. The things he and his company have done are legendary! Before you meet him, hearing about the things he’s done might conjure up an image of what he must look like, and how he might be and I promise you who Steve Sims actually is will not match. 

Steve's company "Bluefish" does the impossible on a regular basis. They've arranged underwater tours of the Titantic. A wedding at the Vatican, Private dinners at the feet of Michael Angelo's David in Florence while being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, and they throw annual Oscar parties with Sir Elton John.

Blue Fish has been featured in the WSJ. New York Times (twice). The Robb Report. Entrepreneur, Forbes, NPR, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Fox News, NBC.

Author of a surprising new book: Bluefishing, The Art of Making Things Happen

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