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How to Tap Into Survival Psychology In Disruptive Times

Why is it that in the face of constant change, disruption, and even destruction most people and their organizations go under while others not only survive but thrive?

Our guest on this episode is… Jonathan David Lewis

The author of Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments.

Jonathan is an engaging and authoritative speaker on shaping a brand that can survive—and thrive—in today’s tough, uncertain world.

As partner and strategy director at McKee Wallwork and Company, Jonathan led his firm to be recognized by industry purveyor Advertising Age, as a national leader in branding and marketing, winning the Southwest Small Agency of the Year, national B2B Campaign, and national Best Places to Work awards.

In his new book "Brand Vs Wild" He speaks about correlating more than a decade of proprietary research with the latest in survival psychology, and being able to identify and articulate the essential qualities every survivalist, and modern marketer needs to navigate today’s business wilderness.

In the show we'll take an in depth look at what Survival Psychology can teach us about human nature in business?

Find out more about: Jonathan David Lewis at http://www.JonathanDavidLewis.com

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