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How to Live an Epic Life and Make an Epic Difference

As leaders the rest of our lives can get lost in the shuffle, and juggle of deadlines and bottom lines. What can we do to not only get our lives back, but rather to make our lives epic? 

We all know how easy it is to get washed away in the business of life, and miss too much of what truly matters. But what if you discovered a tribe of healthy, wealthy and generous leaders who also chose to live epic lives…would that change the way you operate, the way you live? Would you want to know what it is that they do to bring that all together?

Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Tim Rhode.

Tim Rhode, the creative force behind www.1lifefullylived.org he is a rare individual who “walks the walk” of what he teaches.

Tim came from a very humble background, growing up in a blue collar family in a blue collar town. Although he barely graduated high school and never attended any college,

Tim went on to dream, plan, and create his own “magnificent life.” Tim Rhode is the founder of 1Life Fully Lived and the co-founder of Gobundance. 

More on Tim Rhode: http://www.gobundance.com

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