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How Profiler's Build Trust (Criminal Minds Style)

Season 7, Ep. 2

Trust; is there a specific code to follow in order to build it?

To be a great leader your people have got to trust you. But how do you build unshakable trust?

On this episode Dov Baron takes an insider look at the world of being an FBI Profiler and what we can learn about building real trust very quickly.

Well stay tuned because we are about to find out! 

Our guest on this episode is Robin Dreeke author of "The Code of Trust"

Robin Dreeke is United States Naval Academy Graduate, Marine Corps Officer, FBI Counterintelligence Agent and former head of the Behavioral Analysis Program. 

He received advanced training and operational experience in social psychology and in the practical application of the science of relationship development. Eventually he rose to direct the behavioral analysis program in a federal law enforcement agency. 

Robin Dreeke is currently an agent of the FBI.

Find out more about Robin Dreeke: http://www.peopleformula.com 

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