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Helle Bank Jorgensen: Corporate Sustainability

Helle Bank Jorgensen: Corporate Sustainability.

The Most Critical Aspects of a Resilient Business.

Corporate Cultural Diversity, Inclusion, Corporate and Social responsibility, sustainability, B-Corps, Green Corps, conscious capitalism. Environmentally sustainable companies, Pay equality… the list goes on.

How can you take these “labels” out of the vague and build them into your oversight and incentives so that it doesn’t just become a cool marketing trend, but rather a way of doing business?

Helle Bank Jorgensen has dedicated her life to improving how businesses tackle Environment, Social, and Governance issues. Nearly 30 years ago, she was behind the world’s first Green Account and later the world’s first integrated report and first holistic supply change program. She has helped many companies, investors, and boards articulate and confidently acts on the most critical aspects of a resilient business. She now educates boards and executives via the global Competent Boards Certificate Program, a program that has received so much positive feedback that world leaders support.

It's time for your organization to stop bleeding top talent. You can find out more about working directly with me by going tohttp://DovBaron.com.


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