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Gene Hammett: The Trap of Success [audio]

Today we’ll be taking an insider look at: The Trap of Success, how getting what you want might be the last thing you need!

As a leader in any capacity you have got to know that Success has a Price, but the question is; how do we make sure the price isn’t too high. So, how can we overcome our fears, find significance and attain the profound success we so desperately desire with paying a price of personal destruction? 

Well stay tuned our guest today is…Gene Hammett

He has sold over $40 million dollars in his journey of building multiple million dollar companies.  Recently, Gene has published an amazing book about creating significance in your work, while making an impact on the world. That book is The Trap of Success, which is available on Amazon. 

Gene is also the host of an outstanding leadership podcast, called; Leaders in the Trenches…recognized by INC and Entrepreneur Magazine as a top podcast for leaders and I was honoured to be a guest on his fabulous show. 

On this episode we dig into:

  • What it really means to be in the trenches... The truth and the lies!
  • What happens when you lose it all and why Back is the wrong approach
  • How a growth culture is different than a performance culture
  • Overcoming fears, finding significance and attaining profound success

and much more...

To find out more about Gene Hammett: www.GeneHammett.com 

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