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Gen-Z is Already Teaching Us About The Future of Business

You probably already know that due to our global connectivity more than at any other time in history you are now working with, dealing with peers, employees, customers and clients who are cross cultural and cross generational. This means that if you are not paying attention can feel a lot like herding cats. So how do you do it and Thrive?

Our guest on this episode is… Steve Robertson

Steve Robertson is the CEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP), an organization specializing in youth-to-adult programming that turns curiosity into passion and skill.

Steve oversees 20-plus programs and camps ranging from cooking and sports to pre-college academics and more - attracting participants from all over the world.

JKCP partners together with highly esteemed institutions such as University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Villanova University, and even the NFL!

Steve is an expert on youth development and education as well as understanding and adapting to youth.

His experience comes full circle because he is a highly successful business leader who has to work with staff and clients who are multi-cultural and multi-generational and put them into and maintain the culture of these pre collage training camps... Talk about herding cats!

On this episode just a couple of the things we'll address

  • How Gen-Z (the generation who come after Millennials) are already changing the face of business
  • Why you are no longer your kids strongest influence.

More about Steve and Julian Krinsky Camps here: https://www.jkcp.com

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