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Entrepreneurial Leadership Lessons From a Famous Beard

How can you find "Your Business"?

What's with the growing trend of mega successful business leaders who are embarking on a spiritual journey?

In the quiet moments you may have asked yourself: how much “success” is enough?

These are just some of the enticing questions we'll set out to answer on this episode of Dov Baron's Leadership and Loyalty Show. If you've ever wondered how a 20 something Canadian becomes a world renowned business leader who mostly just hangs out and trusts his people to run things, while making millions, you are going to love this show.

Our guest today is a highly successful individual who got to that exact point and took a leap…. Chris Stoikos.

Chris Stoikos is a serial entrepreneur and chief executive officer of The Dollar Beard Club.

He is the archetypal "mover and shaker" with a number of entrepreneurial credits to his name. His true genius lies in the ability to creatively market and commercialize products, and in building and maintaining teams of experts to run businesses independently.

Despite his youth, Chris brings a practical knowledge of business in tandem with a firm grasp of market psychology for a younger and "hipper" consumer base.

However, aside from being a serial entrepreneur, the CEO of the Dollar Beard Club a multi-million dollar company and creating some truly brilliant viral youtube videos, there something far deeper driving this guy, and today we are going to look under the hood and find out what it is. 

Chris Stoikos has been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, Inc, and has been interviewed on Mixery, Entrepreneur, Mobe, The Pitch and others.

More on Chris Stoikos: https://www.chrisstoikos.com

More about The Dollar Beard Club and it's Man Message: http://thebeardclub.com

More on Hiring the host Dov Baron: http://FullMontyLeadership.com

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