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Dr Jeffrey Hull: Flex: Leadership In a Changing World

Dr Jeffrey Hull: Flex! 

The Rise of The Beta Leader. 

Dr. Jeffrey Hull is a world renowned expert on high-performance leadership with over 25 years coaching and training leaders in a wide range of industries--from start-ups to Fortune 50 global companies. As a director at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, and professor of leadership development at both Harvard Medical School and NYU, he has studied and worked with thousands of leaders at every level in assisting them to develop the hyper-agility needed to succeed in today's fast-paced, dynamic workplace. 

Dr. Hull is particularly passionate about supporting a new generation of diverse, "beta" leaders to step up and lead. His writing has appeared in Harvard Business Review, NY Times and other major publications.

He's also the best-selling author of "Flex: The Art and Science of Leadership In a Changing World” More: https://www.jeffreyhull.com/flex

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