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Dana Cavalea: Habits of a Champion

Dana Cavalea: Habits of a Champion

What it takes to become a Leadership Champion?

Nobody Becomes a Champion by Accident







As a leader do you consider that you are a champion?

If so, have you formulated a plan and strategies to improve sleep, reduce pain, lower stress, improve body composition, speed-strength & power in order to remain a champion?

leadership is a champions game, you’ve not just got to get to the top you’ve got to stay there. Have you even considered your body in the equation? Well what if you had someone guiding you who could bring the same techniques, culture, attitude, service, first class training and development programs to you that Pro-Athletes have?  

Well let’s find out together… 

My guest on this episode is Dana Cavalea 

He spent 12 years with the New York Yankees Organization, many of those years as the Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance Enhancement winning a World Series in 2009.

In addition, he was the recipient of the 2009 MLB Nolan Ryan Award. This award is given to MLB's top Strength Coach as voted by his peers. During his career, Dana has had the opportunity to train Baseball greats such as Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Justin Verlander, and more.

Dana has formulated plans and strategies to improve sleep, reduce pain, lower stress, improve body composition, speed-strength-power. 

Currently he is a high performance speaker and consultant to Pro-Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Workforces and

Universities on lifestyle strategies & Performance Enhancement.

Please help me welcome former Director of Performance of the New York Yankees, Author of Habits of a Champion: Nobody Becomes a Champion by Accident Coach Dana Cavalea

On this episode we go FullMonty on: The crazy way he got on with the New York Yankees and the day it all went away. We look at the Counter Intuitive coaching Dana got from Derek Jeter. How the Yin and Yang of his Mom and Dad formed the champion he would become. We dig into why talent just isn't enough and what is it the lasting champions do differently.

We also Rethinking: Work Ethic and why it's important to Rest into Greatness. We examine "Time" in the context of becoming a Champion.

How to listen to the messages from the body to make you a better leader and that we are all responsible to create self Sustainable Leadership. Everyone is talking about how to be in the "zone" here we look at how you can. We also discuss how to recognize

your own trip-wires. Why in life we all need to; knock out the Bully.

And so much more...

To find out more about Dana Cavalea: www.danacavalea.com

To find out more about hiring Dov Baron as a speaker or strategist for your organization: http://fullmontyleadership.com/consulting or http://fullmontyleadership.com/speaking.

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