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Brendan Kane: One Million Followers

As a leader you've likely asked: Does Social Media Matter? Is it just a bunch of kids looking for validation or is it now power and leverage we need?

Entrepreneurs have become todays rock stars because they have created and leverage fame via social media. 

In fact, some of them are simply famous for being famous. But, does that mean we as leaders should ignore social media? 

The bigger question is; Should Social Media Matter to you as a leader? Is it just a bunch of kids looking for validation or is it now power and leverage that if you disrespect it, it will have you eating your competitors dirt?

Well let’s find out together…

Our guest on this episode is Brendan Kane. Brendan is a business and digital strategist for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities. He thrives on helping his clients systematically find and engage new audiences that reward relevant content, products, and services with their attention. Brendan’s greatest strength is unlocking value. He transforms complexity into simplicity with tools and methods that amplify growth and enable execution. 

He started his career at Lakeshore Entertainment where he oversaw all aspects of their interactive media strategy. He worked on 16 films that generated a worldwide gross of $685 million dollars and pioneered the first ever influencer campaign to effectively promote Lakeshore’s movies.   

Brendan also served as vice president of digital for Paramount Pictures and helped scale one of the largest social optimization firms in the world that works with brands such as Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, Xbox, LinkedIn, and many notable fortune 100 companies.

He's a Digital and business strategist for Fortune 500 companies, brands and celebrities and the author of the Bestselling Book: One Million Followers, How to Build a Massive Social Following in 30 Days.

On This episode we go FullMonty on...

  • Understanding the ROI of social media for leaders
  • How to tell your story on Social Media
  • How to stand out in the 60 Billion digital messages a day.
  • The exercise that will make you Absolutely stand out.
  • What Branden's done for companies like Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, Xbox, LinkedIn, and many notable fortune 100 companies.
  • Why Social Media isn’t just for kids who want the dopamine hit
  • The reason he decided to generate a million (1,000,000) followers in 30 days (as an unknown)
  • How his childhood shaped who he is today
  • Why Social Media is actually about providing value
  • The Dark Side: Social Pressure and Comparison
  • What question do we need to start asking ourselves in order to: Embrace The power of Social Media? 
  • How to scale your social media for maximum impact

And so much more...

To find out more about Brendan Kane: Website: http://BrendanjKane.com or http://OneMillionFollowers.com Instagram: @brendankane

To find out more about hiring Dov Baron as a speaker or strategist for your organization: http://fullmontyleadership.com/consulting or http://fullmontyleadership.com/speaking.

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