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Being a Millennial leader: Effectively leading Millennial’s

Being a leader it can be easy to feel like you have to be “something”, but what do you do when there feels like there’s a dichotomy between who you are supposed to be and who you know you are?

Can you face and compassionately lead someone with seemingly very different values than your own? Whether those values are generational I.E. Boomer Vs Millennial or for that matter what if they were faith based values?

Some would say it’s impossible to lead without having to suppress parts of yourself… But what if being all of who you are, even the contradictory parts could actually make you a better leader, would you do it? 

find out what happens when you embrace all of who you are in leadership.

Our guest on this episode is…

Brett Trapp.

Brett Trapp is a consultant, writer, and speaker.

He was previously Vice President of Client Experience for the Booster-thon Fun Run an innovative school fundraising company based out of Atlanta.

For over a decade, Brett was a key player in helping Booster raise more than $150 million for American schools.

Within Booster, Brett Trapp led a team of creative’s that developed high-end character and leadership content for more than 1.3 million students annually.

In late 2016, Brett launched “Blue Babies Pink” a 44-episode journey through faith, sexuality shame, loneliness, singleness, and emotional health. 

More on Brett Trapp: http://bluebabiespink.com

More on Leadership Speaker-Consultant Dov Baron: http://FullMontyLeadership.com

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