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Nice Leaders, a Kind Leaders or Great Leaders [audio] Hans Finzel

Leadership can be hard! 

On This episode we’ll be taking an insider look at…Why Being “Nice” is Destructive in Leadership. 

You, as the leader have to make decisions that most people don’t want to make, and unless you are a full-blown sociopath sometimes that’s not easy, but, what if being nice will destroy your business?

Is there a way to be a Great Leader without being either a dish cloth or a sociopath?  

Well stay tuned because we are about to find out! 

Our guest on this episode is Hans Finzel 

Dr Hans Finzel is a successful author, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. For 20 years he served as President of international non-profit WorldVenture, working in over 65 countries. 

Hans speaks, writes and teaches practical leadership based on real world experience. 

He has written 10 books, including his international bestseller: The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. 

Hans’ new book is: Top Ten Ways To Be A Great Leader.

Having trained leaders on five continents in his career, his books have been translated into over twenty foreign languages.

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