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Diane Conklin at Quantum Wealth Mastery | Mind Mastery Podcast Episode 144

Diane Conklin is an author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, event planner, speaker and direct response marketing expert, who for over 12 years has specialized in showing entrepreneurs, information marketers and small business owners how to integrate their marketing strategies, media and methods to get maximum results from their marketing dollars, through direct response marketing strategies and various media outlets. Are you confused by all the social media information out there and everyone and their brother claiming to be “the social media guru,” expert of the century, and then not feeling like you have any of the answers you really need? Have you been afraid to even start the "social media" journey for fear that it will such away all your free time? Finally, all that can be over. You can discover the secrets you can use right now to grow your list, and increase your income, while spending less than half an hour a day with your social media marketing strategies. And, you can do with people who have done it, are still doing it every day, and are teaching others to have the same kind of success.

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