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Episode 186... Leadership: Bringing fun and learning together in the work place

In this episode host and executive producer of The Accidental Guru Show Dov Baron http://RadioDov.com interviews the fabulous Dale Irvin is a comedian, speaker, and the world’s only Professional Summarizer. He attends meetings and conventions and listens closely to every word uttered by every speaker to grace the stage. Then, periodically, he presents a summary of the events that just happened in the form of a comedy monologue written on the spot. One of his clients put it best when she said, “What Billy Crystal brings to the Academy Awards, you bring to our meeting.”Dale has written eight books including “Laughter Doesn’t Hurt” and “Insurance as a Second Language.” He also produces The Friday Funnies, a video look at the week’s funny news. It is available on his website.http://DaleIrvin.com

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