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Dov Baron's Accidental Guru Show Guest Sam Horn

Why? People today are BBB. Busy. Bored. Been-there, heard that. We’ve got 60 seconds to get their favorable attention. If we can’t quickly and compellingly get across our ideas, recommendations and requests, they tune out and move on. That means we’ve just lost a potential friend, client, job, contract or referral. In this fascinating interview; you’ll learn how to crystallize what you care about into a compelling, one-of-a-kind, 60 second sound-bite so it gets people’s eyebrows up – a sure sign you’ve piqued their curiosity. You’ll quickly discover why Sam Horn’s POP! Process and Eyebrow Test have been featured on MSNBC, BusinessWeek.com, Fastcompany.com, the New York Times and Washington Post, why her keynotes receive raves from international clients such as Cisco, EO, Intel, HP, Capital One and NASA, and why she’s the Official Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises (which has helped entrepreneurs receive $5.5 BILLION in funding.)

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